Music by Fritz Salek & Lyrics by Ingo Hödl


What a day! My peers, my boss - everyone is bugging me.
My fiancée is killing me with her bitchery. So now I´m home and
guess what – yeah – mummys on the phone. Nuts to you!
I don´t need anybody to tell me what to do!


What the hell! I don´t care about it.
What the hell! Don´t give a damn about it.
Let´s have a beer and then we take it from there.


Poor old lad! His steady and his darling haply met. That´s really crap!
´Cause both of them gave him the sack. Emergency! Now he´s just a
picture of misery. I say: Hey, chin up! It´s your own fault! Bugger
it! Things have really been fucked up, but...

Sometimes things get out of hand, but in a serious note:
this is not the end! Raise your glasses and bring out a toast!



Written by Ingo Hödl

Inspired by a poem of Erich Fried


This is crazy and it makes no sense
but since I met you life is so intense.
It´s disaster, it´s all fear and pain,
maybe it´s hopeless, but I won´t care again.
It´s all about you.
It´s all about us.
It´s all ´bout love...

It is what it is, you can´t change it at all.
It is what it is, a secret hint on a wall.
It is what it is, you´d better listen inside,
your heart will be telling you
what´s wrong and what´s right.

If you go ahead
you´ll make a fool of you.
Don´t be so reckless,
you should know what to do.
Watch your step now!
Or you will trip and fall.
And you will find out
she wasn´t worth it at all.



Music by Harald Schrodt
Lyrics by Bebe Obkircher & Harald Schrodt


I got no doubt theres no way out.
Its like being stuck, this maze is locked.
The walls move in, is this a bad dream?
Closer to close, Im near to lose.
This desperation is agitation.
This is pure frustration, get me out of here.

This desperation is agitation.
This is pure frustration. Get me out of here.

I give up the fight whether thats right.
Out of the dark back to the light.
One foe, no friend, is this the end?
Only me will be free.
Yeah Im going crazy!
Now Im losing my mind!
I can´t believe it, is it true?


Written by Ingo Hödl


You said you know that I would miss you,
you said I had to understand. You said you
know it´s hard to lose someone, but things
are supposed to have an end. How can you
know what I´m feeling, it is so easy to ignore.
I think you never really knew me, guess
I´ve been walking down that road before...

Walking down that road before,
I don´t know where it will lead me.
Walking down that road before,
I don´t know where I´ll arrive.
Walking down that road before,
and I don´t know why I´m still walking.
Walking down that road before,
I´m just doing the best I can,
walking down that road again.

When I was young somebody told me, all
that counts in life is you. But at that time
I didn´t belive him, now it´s hard to learn that
it is true. Some people say I am a dreamer,
perhaps that’´s true, well, I don´t know.
With or without you I´ll keep going and
I don´t care that I´ve been walking down
that road before..


Written by Harald Schrodt


Is it wrong or is it right?
Is it black or is it white?
Are you at the other side?
He looks left and she turns right?

Theres no answer only lies.
It doesnt matter if she cries.
Disrespect and arrogance.
No forgiveness no tolerance.

They attack us from behind.
Our hearts and souls resign.
They are dangerous and blind.
Stop the terror in their minds.